Hildegard Schmahl is the reader, Siegfried W. Maschek, Martin Spitzweck and Gabriela Maria Schmeide are the voices of Otto Modersohn,  Rainer Maria Rilke  and Paula Modersohn Becker. Rilke's poems are sung by Pascal von Wroblewsky.

PAULA MODERSOHN-BECKER, a breath … From antiquity to  modern is told in 6 chapters. Chapter I: The first rough drafts. Chapter II: Birches, pines and old pastures. Chapter III: Giant, giant Paris! Chapter IV: In love, engaged, married. Chapter V: I am me. Chapter VI: Farewell.


Concept and realisation: Nathalie David

PITCHOUN Production

Screenplay: Nathalie David

Music: Henry Altmann and La Kaffeehausavantgarde

Music production: Volker Klein

Sound recording and mixing: Sven Bien

Post-Production: Christian Dubuisson, Montagehalle,

Format HD & Beta SP: 00:83:00

language: German

The film is a commission of the Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum of Bremen, supported by the Institut français of Bremen and Cologne and from the Museum Ludwig Köln, with means of the Nordmedia Fonds GmbH in Lower Saxony and Bremen.

The DVD was provided with friendly support of the Sparkasse Bremen.

2010  Kunsthalle Krems, Österreich KH Krems

2009  Cerisy La Salle, Kolloquium R. M. Rilke

2008 18. September, Bundestart im Kino, Kairos Verleih

2008  Landesmuseum, Hannover

2007  Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Bremen

Publication in French:

("Rainer Maria Rilke, sa vie, son oeuvre, regards croisés" Actes du colloque de Cerisy du 13 au 20 août 2009).